Cheshire Wealth Manager is designed especially for...

  • Registered Investment Advisors

  • Certified Financial Planners

  • Certified Public Accountants

  • Fee-only Wealth Managers

  • Trust Departments


  • User Friendly & Completely Customizable

  • Cloud-Based

  • Integrates with Other Providers

  • Free Cloud or Desktop Demo

  • Training & Support Provided

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Cheshire Wealth Manager

Professional Financial Planning Software

Cheshire Wealth Manager is a fully integrated financial planning software. This wealth management software includes Monte Carlo probability analysis using goal or cash-flow based planning. With Cheshire Wealth Manager, you will have the tools you need to engage new clients and strengthen existing client relationships by creating detailed, easy to understand retirement and lifetime income plans.

As an advisor, you can use the Cheshire Wealth Manager to:

  • Generate Client-Friendly, Comprehensive Financial Plans

  • Utilize Cash Flow or Goals-Based Analysis

  • Run Advanced Monte Carlo Simulations

  • Build and Illustrate Scenarios Using Any Combination of Modified Baseline Inputs

  • Incorporate Detailed Federal & State Tax Projections With Audit Trails